Name of the individual organizing the event

This will be our primary contact for planning & payment
Desired date of the event

On the next step, you can provide alternate dates, in the event the space is for any reason not available for your first-choice date.
If this date isn't open are there any other days that work best?

You can be certain we'll do our best to accomodate.
What time of day are you looking to have the event?

Morning, evening, night : get as specific as you please
Please briefly describe the type of event you're looking to hold

How many guests should we plan to attend the event?

What age group should the event be catered to?

What services would you to offer your guests?

Any other information we should know?

Take the time to describe your desired look, mood, & feel or the details of the occasion, if you feel it's information that could help us understand the event & serve you better.
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